Assistant Editor, Local 700, A.C.E. Diversity Mentorship Program

At the age of 9, I started working as a TD for my church's television broadcast on WCIU-TV. This eventually led to working in the promo sports department for WGN-TV. After college, I began assisting on commercials and soon after moved to LA, and without any contacts in the business, found myself diving right into assisting in trailer/commercial houses. This was a great experience, processing high volumes of footage and often-times the sole AE for up to 5 editors. 



Ultimately wanting to work in scripted, I decided it was time to switch genres and pursue a new path. On a recent show, I had an opportunity to work with David Fincher's amazing editorial crew on Mindhunter. I've also gotten to work on great shows like Blonde for Netflix, Into The Dark for Hulu, No Activity for CBS and Heaven's Gate for HBO Max.

Working in narrative post-production has been a long-time goal of mine and I take pride, everyday, in learning how to be more efficient as well as learning as much as I can from the wonderful editors I've gotten to work with. I’m eager both to learn and share my skill set. 

We put film together, tell the story, and give it clarity. That’s what we do.

–Michael Kahn

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