Scripted Editorial Resources


• The Modern Job of the Assistant Editor (webinar, 60 min)

• The Modern Job of the VFX Editor (webinar, 60 min)

• BCPC West Panel Series: Assistant Editing in Scripted Television (panel discussion with 5 experienced Scripted Assistant Editors in Los Angeles, 120 min)

• BCPC Editor Conversations V3: Assistant Editing in Scripted Film and TV (Recorded in NY at the Manhatten Edit Workshop, 100 min)


• Defining Your Own Success - This blog article is about having confidence in our own paths and journeys. Many of the mentees I chat with have concerns about how their paths don't mirror others.

• The Socially Awkward Introvert's Guide to Networking with Industry Experts (article also available as an Optimize Yourself Podcast Episode). Great article written by Zack Arnold, ACE


• I would add Lori Jane Coleman and Diana Friedberg’s book, Make the Cut. It tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about assisting in scripted.

• And Troy Takaki’s book is more about politics and what is expected work ethic wise. His section on what to do/say in an interview is super helpful.

• To learn about assisting check out these classes below.
They'll give you terminology and some assets to use.
Once you read and know avid here's some Scripted assistant editing classes - Breakdown with assests - AMAZING breakdown for feature assistants. Keep access even after the class too  

• Being a Post PA -


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