I need your help.

LA is expensive and often times we work for free. Four years ago I moved to LA to work on episodic shows and movies in post-production. While I've had success, I'm learning that narrative shows are pretty hard to land on. Unless you're connected. I need a bit more coffee to keep me going. 

Often times we spend countless hours editing and sometimes for free. I just need help staying caffeinated while I build all these computer and server systems for editing. 

Can you donate anything? I'll never forget your graciousness.

Thank you, 



I started working in television as a technical director when I was 9 years old for WCIU-TV. After college, I got my film editorial start in Chicago's commercial boutiques. I also PA'd on the Suicide Squad 2nd unit shoots, as well as PA'ing on Southside With You feature production that also took place in Chicago. I moved to LA to assist on scripted dramas and features, but was lucky enough to first work in the commercial and trailer-world. This helped bolster my short-form editing skills.


On a recent show, I had an opportunity to work with David Fincher's amazing editorial crew on Mindhunter. I've also gotten to work on shows like Blonde for Netflix, Into The Dark for Hulu, No Activity for CBS and Heaven's Gate for HBO Max. However, I'm finding it difficult to land on premium scripted shows, and believe I have the skill-set, demonstrated drive, and references to be an asset to any edit team. And rent is still due every month.


I've taken shows from pre-production through wrap, handling typical responsibilities such as dailies check and prep, script sync, vfx workflow management including turnovers, temp comps and conforms. Shows typically cut in Avid were successfully finished through online and stage processes, as well as successfully finishing a myriad of Premiere shows and documentaries to various outlets.


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