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Branded-Ads, Music Videos

$850.00 USD

Prices are meant to be starting base to get the conversation going.

Example 1 / Example 2 / Example 3

I take your dailies, audio, production reports, sound reports, graphics, logo, vision, music ideas and start by syncing dailies, cutting individual scenes/performances and then stringing them out into a rough cut so you have an idea of what you're film looks like before we start shaving time, reshaping and rearranging scenes. 

The end-goal is to work together to edit a compelling story. “We put film together, tell the story, and give it clarity. That’s what we do.” –Michael Kahn

$850 per minute edited with a few rounds of revisions. Rough cut completed within a timely manner, generally 7-10 days. Rush orders not available for short films due to the nature of the art. If you're on a tighter schedule, please call 773.414.4010

Footage should be delivered via hard-drive through the mail as the best option for backup, archival and workflow. Please do not send your master footage, make a backup. Dropbox, FTP, google drive, etc. can also be used as alternatives.

Let's get to work! 


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